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Image Brand  ModelPrice
 ThermaltakeTriP 2600mAh Portable iPhone & iPod Power Pack$49.00
 ThermaltakeTriP 5200mAh Portable iPhone & iPod Power Pack$79.00
 ThermaltakeV200 Tempered Glass ARGB Edition Black ATX Case, 500W PSU CA-3K8-50M1WA-01$172.00
 ThermaltakeBlack Versa H25 Mid Tower Chassis (USB3) CA-1C2-00M1NN-00$78.00
 ThermaltakeCore V21 - BlackCube Case, 1x 200mm Fan, 2x USB CA-1D5-00S1WN-00$119.00
 ThermaltakeCore G3 Black 2x 120mm Fans, 2x USB 3.0, CA-1G6-00T1WN-00$118.00
 ThermaltakeView 71 ARGB 4-Sided Tempered Glass Full Tower Case CA-1I7-00F1WN-03$330.00
 ThermaltakeH100 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case Black CA-1L4-00M1WN-02$114.00
 ThermaltakeVersa J24 RGB Tempered Glass Edition Mid Tower Case CA-1L7-00M1WN-01$121.00
 ThermaltakeVersa J25 Side Tempered Glass RGB Edition, 3 x 120mm CA-1L8-00M1WN-01$120.00
 ThermaltakeCommander C34 Tempered Glass ARGB Mid Tower ATX Case CA-1N5-00M1WN-00$161.00
 ThermaltakeCommander C34 Snow Edition Tempered Glass ARGB Case CA-1N5-00M6WN-00$171.00
 ThermaltakeCommander C35 Tempered Glass ARGB Mid Tower ATX Case CA-1N6-00M1WN-00$170.00
 ThermaltakeCommander C36 Tempered Glass ARGB Mid Tower ATX Case CA-1N7-00M1WN-00$170.00
 ThermaltakeLevel 20 HT Tempered Glass RGB Full Tower Case Black CA-1P6-00F1WN-00$376.00
 ThermaltakeLevel 20 HT Snow Edition Tempered Glass RGB Full Tower EATX Case CA-1P6-00F6WN-00$366.00
 ThermaltakeLevel 20 RS ARGB Tempered Glass ATX Mid Tower Case CA-1P8-00M1WN-00$263.00
 ThermaltakeAH T600 Tempered Glass Full Tower Case Snow CA-1Q4-00M6WN-00$479.00
 ThermaltakeV250 TG ARGB Tempered Glass, 3x ARGB 120mm Fan, CA-1Q5-00M1WN-00$136.00
 ThermaltakeView 51 ARGB Tempered Glass Full Tower Case CA-1Q6-00M1WN-00$391.00
 ThermaltakeView 51 ARGB Tempered Glass Full Tower Case Snow Edition CA-1Q6-00M6WN-00$385.00
 ThermaltakeS100 Tempered Glass MATX Case Black CA-1Q9-00S1WN-00$98.00
 ThermaltakeS100 Tempered Glass Micro-ATX Case Snow Ed CA-1Q9-00S6WN-00$102.00
 ThermaltakeV150 Tempered Glass mATX Case CA-1R1-00S1WN-00$99.00
 ThermaltakeH330 Tempered Glass Mid Tower ATX Case Black CA-1R8-00M1WN-00$88.00
 ThermaltakeH350 Tempered Glass RGB Mid Tower ATX Case -Black CA-1R9-00M1WN-00$103.00
 ThermaltakeBlack Versa H21 Mid Tower Chassis & 500w PSU (USB3) CA-3B2-50M1NA-00$115.00
 ThermaltakeBlack Versa H22 with 500w PSU (USB3)$123.00
 ThermaltakeBlack Versa H15 Mini Tower Chassis & 450w PSU (USB3) CA-3D4-45S1NA-00$109.00
 ThermaltakeLitepower GEN2 650w psu PS-LTP-0650NPCWAU-2$89.00
 Thermaltake550W Litepower Gen 2 550W Power Supply PS-LTP-0550NPCNAU-2$83.00
 ThermaltakePS-LTP-0750NPCNAU-2, 750W Litepower GEN2 PSU, ATX Form Factor 12V, Black PS-LTP-0750NPCNAU-2$91.00
 ThermaltakeLitepower 500w OEM PSU PS-TTP-0500NNNNAU-1$65.00
 ThermaltakeCore P5 Tempered Glass Snow Edition ATX Wall-Mount Chassis 1E7-00M6WN-01$371.00
 ThermaltakeSMART RGB 700W 80 PLUS Power Supply SPR-0700NHSAWA-1$109.00
 ThermaltakeVersa H18 Window Micro Case (No PSU) CA-1J4-00S1WN-00$71.00
 ThermaltakeVersa H17 Windowed Micro-ATX Case CA-1J1-00S1WN-00$70.00
 Thermaltake750W Smart BX1 RGB 80+ Bronze Non Modular Power Supply PS-SPR-0750NHSABA-1$162.00
 ThermaltakeS300 Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower Case Black Edition CA-1P5-00M1WN-00$149.00
 ThermaltakeSmart BX1 550W 80+ Bronze PSU PS-SPD-0550NNSABA-1$98.00
 ThermaltakeSmart BX1 650W 80+ Bronze PSU PS-SPD-0650NNSABA-1$115.00
 ThermaltakeSmart BX1 750W 80+ Bronze PSU PS-SPD-0750NNSABA-1$134.00
 ThermaltakeSmart BX1 RGB 550W 80+ Bronze Power Supply PS-SPR-0550NHSABA-1$106.00
 ThermaltakeSMART RGB 600W 80+ Power Supply PS-SPR-0600NHSAWA-1$104.00
 ThermaltakeSmart BX1 RGB 650W 80+ Bronze PSU PS-SPR-0650NHSABA-1$124.00
 ThermaltakeSMART RGB 700W 80 PLUS Power Supply PS-SPR-0700NHSAWA-1$109.00
 Thermaltake650W Toughpower Semi Modular Power Supply PS-TPD-0650MPCGAU-1$160.00
 ThermaltakeToughpower Grand 650W RGB 80 PLUS Gold Modular Power Supply$160.00
 ThermaltakeTR2 S 550W 80+ Ultra Quiet PSU PS-TRS-0550NPCWAU-2$94.00
 ThermaltakeTR2 S 650W 80+ Ultra Quiet PSU PS-TRS-0650NPCWAU-2$98.00
 ThermaltakeSmart 600W 80+ Gold OEM PSU PS-TTP-0600NNFAGA-1$125.00
 ThermaltakeFrio Extreme Multi Socket CPU Cooler$110.00
 ThermaltakeiConnect 69 iConnect 69$13.00
 ThermaltakeTH120 ARGB Sync Edition AIO Liquid CPU Cooler CL-W285-PL12SW-A$126.00
 ThermaltakeLGA2011 Kit For Frio OCK, Contac 30 & Bigwater 760 Plus Coolers$12.00
 ThermaltakeLGA2011 Kit For Frio CPU Cooler$8.00
 ThermaltakeWater 3.0 Riing RGB 360 CL-W108-PL12SW-A$261.00
 ThermaltakeFloe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition CL-W158-PL12SW-A$292.00
 ThermaltakeFloe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition CL-W157-PL12SW-A$217.00
 ThermaltakeChallenger Duo Keyboard & Mouse Combo CM-CHD-WLXXPL-US$58.00
 ThermaltakeeSPORTS Challenger Prime RGB Keyboard and Mouse Combo$98.00
 Thermaltake16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Z-ONE RGB Gaming R019D408GX2-3200C16A$147.00
 Thermaltake16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200mhz C16 1.35V H-ONE Gaming R021D408GX2-3200C16D$133.00
 Thermaltake16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL18 H-ONE Gaming Memory R021D408GX2-3600C18D$146.00
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