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Image Brand  ModelPrice
 RazerGoliathus Soft Gaming Mouse Mat Small (SPEED) FRML (270mm x 215mm), Optimized for All Sensitivity Settings and Sensors$21.00
 RazerAtheris Wireless Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse$80.00
 RazerNaga Trinity - Multi-color Wired MMO Gaming Mouse$152.00
 RazerDeathAdder Essential - Right-Handed Gaming Mouse - FRML Pkg RZ01-02540100-R3M1$75.00
 RazerViper Ultimate - Wireless Gaming Mouse with Charging Dock - AP Packaging RZ01-03050100-R3A1$233.00
 RazerBasilisk X HyperSpeed - Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Mouse - AP Packaging RZ01-03150100-R3A1$99.00
 RazerBasilisk Ultimate -Wireless Gaming Mouse with Charging Dock - AP Packaging RZ01-03170100-R3A1$247.00
 RazerDeathAdder V2 - Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouse RZ01-03210100-R3M1$123.00
 RazerViper Mini - Wired Gaming Mouse RZ01-03250100-R3M1$75.00
 RazerGoliathus Chroma Mouse Mat - FRML Packaging RZ02-02500100-R3M1$68.00
 RazerGoliathus Chroma Soft Gaming Mouse Pad Extended RZ02-02500300-R3M1$103.00
 RazerGoliathus Extended Chroma - Soft Gaming Mouse Mat with Chroma - Quartz - FMRL Pkg RZ02-02500316-R3M1$109.00
 RazerHuntsman Elite - Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - US Layout - FRML Packaging$342.00
 RazerHuntsman Elite - Optical Gaming Keyboard (Linear Switch) - US Layout - FRML Pkg RZ03-01871000-R3M1$385.00
 RazerBlackWidow Lite - Silent Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - US Layout FRML (Orange Switch) RZ03-02640100-R3M1$139.00
 RazerBlackWidow - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - US Layout FRML (Green Switch) RZ03-02860100-R3M1$177.00
 RazerHuntsman Tournament Edition - Optical Gaming Keyboard - FRML Pkg (Linear Optical Switch) RZ03-03080100-R3M1$215.00
 RazerOrnata V2 - Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard - US Layout FRML RZ03-03380100$155.00
 RazerCynosa V2-Chroma RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard US Layout FRML RZ03-03400100$105.00
 RazerTartarus V2 Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keypad - US layout$144.00
 RazerTartarus Pro - Analog Optical Gaming Keypad - FRML Pkg RZ07-03110100-R3M1$191.00
 RazerChroma Laptop Stand - FRML Packaging RC21-01110200-R3M1$168.00
 RazerKraken Tournament Edition - Wired Gaming Headset with USB Audio Controller - Black - FRML Packaging RZ04-02051000-R3M1$163.00
 RazerRazer Kraken Tournament Edition - Wired Gaming Headset with USB Audio Controller - Green - FRML Packaging RZ04-02051100-R3M1$151.00
 RazerNari Ultimate - Wireless Gaming Headset with HyperSense Technology RZ04-02670100-R3M1$332.00
 RazerNari Essential - Essential Wireless Gaming Headset - FRML Packaging RZ04-02690100-R3M1$162.00
 RazerKraken - Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset - Black - FRML Pkg$139.00
 RazerKraken - Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset - Green - FRML Pkg RZ04-02830200 1$143.00
 RazerKraken - Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset - Quartz - FRML Packaging RZ04-02830300-R3M1$162.00
 RazerKraken X - Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset - FRML Packaging RZ04-02890100-R3M1$89.00
 RazerTetra - Wired Console Chat Headset - FRML Pkg RZ04-02920100-R3M1$46.00
 RazerKraken X USB - Digital Surround Sound Gaming Headset - FRML Pkg RZ04-02960100-R3M1$89.00
 RazerKraken Kitty - Chroma USB Gaming Headset - Black - FRML Pkg RZ04-02980100-R3M1$261.00
 RazerKraken Kitty - Chroma USB Gaming Headset - Quartz- FRML Pkg RZ04-02980200-R3M1$278.00
 RazerKraken Ultimate - USB Surround Sound Headset with ANC Microphone FRML Pkg RZ04-03180100$215.00
 RazerLeviathan 5.1 Audio Soundbar$324.00
 RazerNommo 2.0 Gaming Speakers RZ05-02450100-R3B1$170.00
 RazerNommo Chroma 2.0 Gaming Speakers RZ05-02460100-R3B1$246.00
 RazerNommo Pro - 2.1 Gaming Speakers RZ05-02470100-R3B1$885.00
 RazerHammerhead True Wireless - Earbuds - AP Pkg RZ12-02970100-R3A1$145.00
 RazerSeiren Elite - Professional Grade Dynamic Streaming Microphone RZ19-02280100-R3M1$282.00
 RazerSeiren X - Desktop Cardioid Condenser Microphone - FRML Packaging RZ19-02290100-R3M1$163.00
 RazerSeiren X Quartz Edition - FRML Packaging RZ19-02290300-R3M1$163.00
 RazerSeiren Emote - Microphone with Emoticons - FRML Pkg RZ19-03060100-R3M1$261.00
 RazerCore X (TB3/External Graphics Enclosure, Windows & MAC) RC21-01310100-R3B1$545.00
 RazerCore X Chroma (Thunderbolt 3 - External Graphics Enclosure ) - AUS/NZ Packaging RC21-01430100-R3B1$714.00
 RazerRipsaw HD - Game Capture Card RZ20-02850100-R3M1$274.00
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